User friendly
*User-friendly website interface aimed at maximum user convenience from a certain audience

Website development

Turnkey sites. Creating landing pages. Creating an online store. Creating a corporate website. Creating a one-page website

Corporate website for a company providing audit services in Kazakhstan
UI design
UX prototyping
Layout on
Landing page for rendering interior visualization services in VR
UX prototyping
UI design
Online store of agricultural products in Shymkent
UX prototyping
UI design
Layout on
Additional services
Banner design, website promotion and much more. The price is negotiated individually
Online store
from $1000
A website that allows you to make an online order, choose a payment method, delivery, pay for the order
Multi - page
from $750
A classic website that is navigated using the menu
from $500
A one-page website for collecting contacts from visitors or selling goods/services
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How do we work?

When developing, first of all, we focus on UX. Our task is to make the website interface as user—friendly and intuitive as possible for the user. Based on the basic principles of UX design, we make a website that solves business problems.

The large-scale process of website development is divided into separate stages, the result of each of which is agreed with the customer
The first step on the way to a ready—made website is the analysis and collection of information. Here we study everything related to your niche, explore competitors' websites in order to identify strengths and weaknesses. The collected information helps us to make a clear plan for further work.
The second stage is prototyping. At this stage, the mockup of the future website is compiled. The prototype structures and defines the location of the content, as well as the way the user interacts with this content.
The third stage is design. Here we collect all the information we received earlier into a single design layout. The site design itself is carried out based on your wishes, but in the context of a niche. After the approval of the design project, we move on to adaptive design for all devices
The fourth stage is layout. The design turns into a full-fledged website. All necessary services are integrated. The site is being fully tested for the correctness of its work.
The fifth stage is support. For another month after the end of the website development, we provide full free support. During this time, we monitor how users interact with the website, and, if necessary, make adjustments to the site.
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Frequently asked questions

How does the payment happen?

We have two payment options: 50/50 or phased. When paying 50/50, you pay 50% of the cost as an advance payment, and the remaining 50% after the end of the work. Step-by-step payment is made for each completed stage of work (design of the main page, design of internal pages, layout, testing).

Are edits paid?

Edits are free, and are not limited in number. You can make them only at the stage of creating the structure and design of the site. After the start of the layout, edits are made only for the agreed price.

What content is needed for website development?

To develop a website, you need to provide all the information about the company that you have: a logo, a brand book, texts, photos or illustrations, information about products. The more, the better.

If you lack some content, then we will be able to pick up/create it for a fee.

How long does it take to create a website?

The minimum period of website development is 2 weeks. An individual development time is set for each project. On average, it takes 1 month to create a website. All terms are prescribed in the contract.

Do you work under a contract?

Yes, we work only under the contract to which the agreed TOR is attached. Upon completion of the development, we provide an act of completed work.
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